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Cathy’s energetic, down-to-earth, no-nonsense style and practical, how-to information has been a hit with professional associations, entrepreneurs, insurance agencies, financial advisors, women’s groups, chambers of commerce, private high tech companies and accounting firms. 

Cathy’s sessions are results-oriented, information-packed and guaranteed to give you great ideas and strategies to implement immediately. Cathy provides:

  • Keynotes
  • General and Breakout Sessions
  • ½ day & Full day Workshops
  • Teleseminars & Webinars
  • Customized training for your organization



Connection is Your Key to Opportunity!

Cathy can show you how to make connections, maintain them so you stay top of mind, and leverage them into a continual stream of opportunities for your business – all in a way that honors both your business goals AND your personality.

“In a matter of minutes, I saw Cathy Jennings completely transform an audience from interested (but reserved) to engaged and interacting. More importantly, when evaluations came in and attendees ranked their favorite parts of the event, Cathy’s No-Pressure Networking came in as a top favorite. I will do whatever it takes to make sure Cathy is at each and every seminar I host because her contribution enhanced the experience. She got people talking, connecting, and anxious to meet up with each other at the next seminar. That’s return business for me and a big reason to bring Cathy back to engage and connect the crowd!”
–Nancy Marmolejo, Online Visibility and Social Media Expert, — host of I Heart My Biz event  

Speaking Topics

You Had Me At Hello: How to Stand Out, Get Noticed
and Grow Your Business Using the Power of Connection

Every day, you are bombarded with thousands of messages. It seems that everything and everyone is vying for your attention. On the flip side, this means you and your business are constantly competing for people’s attention as well. How can you set yourself apart from the multitude of professionals and companies that people encounter daily?
You’ll discover . . .
  • 3 “little things” make a BIG impact on how people think of you
  • The easy, yet overlooked, communication skills that will set you apart from the crowd
  • How to connect online in a way that will make others want to know you, promote you and partner with you.
  • The key to following up in ways that keep you top of mind with your prospects and contacts.

“I got more than a dozen thank you letters and phone calls after the workshop thanking me for having an excellent presentation. Her manner is relaxed, she is calm and cool, stays on time and on task, and is very interactive, which the workshop participants really enjoyed. She is one of the most frequently requested speakers from my organization.”

–Beth Caldwell, Founder and Executive Director, Pittsburgh Professional Women, 


Be Social, Be Savvy, Be Successful: 
Using the Power of Social Media to Make Connections,
Market Your Business, and Attract Opportunities

Social Media has changed the way people and businesses communicate, market their services and stay in touch. Blogs and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer you an incredible opportunity to grow your business and tap into the power of connecting and engaging online. Are you using them to your best advantage? Do you find yourself “wasting time” on these sites or avoiding them altogether because you don’t know how best to use them?
You’ll learn . . .
  • Choose the right social media strategies for YOUR business
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes most businesses and professionals make on social media
  • Which tips, tricks and tools will help you save time, money and your sanity!
  • Optimizing your profiles and activity on social media sites to boost your reputation and revenues
  • Create a social media plan that fits your business goals and your personality 

“Each year I look for an opening speaker to get the day started on an excited and welcoming note and Cathy did just that. She opened the day with fun and laughter, but also solid ideas and tips for the women to take away. The connections are the biggest part of this event and I owe it to Cathy for helping us reach our goals.”

–Jessica Dolan, Creator of The Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo, and Owner of Room to Breathe, 


Follow Up First: How to Get Clients, Leverage
Your Connections and Stay Top of Mind –
Simply and Without Spending a Fortune 

You attend lots of mixers, meetings, coffees and conferences. You collect tons of business cards and connect with hundreds, even thousands of people online. But what do you have to show for it? You’re “busy”, but not “busy” in a good way – with clients and customers and growing your business. Instead, you’re
racing around with too much to do and never getting anywhere. This program will show you that what you do BEFORE you network will ensure your success AFTER you make a connection.
You’ll gain the tools to . . .
  • Discover what ONE thing is missing in most networking and marketing approaches — without this, you will forever be spinning your wheels.
  • Differentiate yourself by doing the little things that over 80% of all networkers DON’T DO – you’ll be shocked to learn how easy and obvious they are!
  • Implement simple strategies to stay top of mind and close more business — these are not overly complex, expensive “gimmicks”, but REAL relationship-builders and business attractors.
  • Create a customized plan for follow up that honors YOUR personality and business goals – not just another cookie-cutter solution that doesn’t work for YOU.

“What an outstanding workshop you presented! I was most impressed with how well you involved your audience and tailored the program to our needs. With the volume of your material, this could have easily been a full-day program. But you somehow managed to pack everything into a crisp 3 hours and prime us to actually apply what we had learned when it was over.”

–Sam Wieder, MBA, Professional Success Coach Past President — National Speakers Association,  Pittsburgh Chapter, 


Get More Bang For Your Membership Buck!
How to Leverage Your Investment in Networking Groups,
Chambers of Commerce and Professional Associations

Tired of running from one group to the next, trying to market your business, but not getting the results you want? Would you like a better return on your membership investment from the organizations that you belong to? And what about online forums and social networking sites – are you maximizing your time and opportunities? Don’t join another networking group, chamber of commerce or professional association before learning this vital information.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Avoid costly membership mistakes — and we’re not just talking money
  • Determine your membership Return on Investment for each group and organization you belong to
  • Find the RIGHT groups that will be productive and profitable for you
  • Showcase your expertise, increase your visibility and become more memorable

“Everyone needs you at their events! Your networking session was awesome. I’ve never been excited about networking before but you made it so much fun that I no longer wanted to crawl under a table to hide (yes, extreme introvert) when told to introduce myself to someone new with your prompts. It was one of my favorite parts of the event. ”

– Michelle Shaeffer, Website designer, blogger, entrepreneur, 

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