Make Your Connections Count:

Tele-Summit Audio Series

Featuring Cathy Jennings and 14 other business experts 

The Make Your Connections Count Tele-Summit is an incredible resource, full of innovative ideas designed to provide you with the steps to take to create business breakthroughs and ensure that your business remains profitable and sustainable. Show up everyday with more personal power and confidence than ever before, by experiencing the magic of Make Your Connections Count.

15 of the book’s authors share their top tips and strategies for leveraging your connections into wonderful opportunities for your business. You’ll hear their best advice on:

  • How to create a great first impression
  • Using speaking to build strategic alliances
  • Converting online connections to offline ones
  • How to recognize buried treasure in your existing network
  • Understanding the value of online radio as a tool for making connections
  • How the Law of Reciprocity will help you bring in more business
  • Ways to NOT fizzle on the follow up
  • How to improve your elevator pitch
  • Discovering the top three keys to super-charging your networking results
  • The art of connecting people through hosting your own events

And much more! Check out the great line up of speakers and their valuable topics below.

  • Would you like to have the option to listen to these interviews when it is convenient for YOU?
  • Would you like to be able to listen to any of these insightful sessions over and over to ensure you really remember all the ideas shared?
  • Would you like to have ongoing access to the tips, insights & resources discussed by our amazing tele-summit speakers?


The Make Your Connections Count Audio Series
is going to give you all this and so much more!

You have a wonderful opportunity here to listen and learn at your own pace while you continue to benefit from this fantastic resource and a very special bonus.

The Make Your Connections Count Audio Series gives you:

  • MP3 Recordings of the full interviews with ALL of the Make Your Connections Count Tele-Summit speakers . This is such valuable information you will want to refer to it for years to come, and this kit will allow you to listen whenever you want, to whomever you want.
  • A Resource List of the presenters. This gives you instant access to all speakers with links to their websites where you will find their articles, blogs and contact information, so you can reach out and ask them a question.
  • And a Special Bonus Gift from our Make Your Connections Count Tele-Summit speakers: a PDF copy of the Make Your Connections Count book to read and use along with the tele-summit. This will be available for immediate download after your purchase. 

This great value includes all of the MP3 recordings, valuable resources, and a bonus PDF copy of the Make Your Connections Count book. Get started right away to enjoy the transformative power of the Make Your Connections Count Tele-Summit. 

Featured Speakers & Topics:




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