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Avoid the Big, Fat, Follow Up Fail

Avoid the Follow Up Fail

  We all fall down on our follow-up from time to time.  We’re human.  It happens. However, I’m calling “Foul!” on the “Big, Fat, Follow-Up Fail” that happens when people lose sight of what follow up is all about. A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a “nice chap” with a lovely…

Business Networking Blunders: Revenue Before Relationships

Business Networking Blunders: Revenue Before Relationships

Have you ever met someone at a networking event, meeting or conference that seemed to look at you with dollar signs in their eyes? Yeah, me too.  And I don’t like it.  In fact, it irritates me — on several levels. First, it’s the fact that they are perpetuating the “bad reputation” that networking sometimes…

Business Networking: “Help Me . . . Help You!”


There’s a question that the REALLY good connectors and relationship-builders ask of those they meet: “How can I help you?” The first time I heard it, I was caught off guard and didn’t quite know how to respond.  I mean, really?  You’re interested in helping ME?  Wow — now that’s a different approach to networking!…

Business Networking: The Power of Thank-You

Business Networking:  The Power of Thank-You

It’s simple.  It’s polite.  And it’s powerful.  The phrase “thank-you” is more than just good manners, it’s an amazing tool that all of us possess, yet not enough of us utilize.  And, thanking others is a way to strengthen our relationship with them. Whatever the “occasion”, a good old-fashioned “thank-you” note is as easy as…