Social Networking: What Are You “LinkedIn” For?

Linkedin-logo1 LinkedIn has been touted as a great place to find job openings. Is this really the case? Or, is LinkedIn just a “desert of joblessness” where the unemployed go to commiserate?
Take a look at this video . . .
I personally am just starting to use LinkedIn, so, the jury is still out for me. Regardless, I had to chuckle at this video. My favorite moments — that seriously made me laugh out loud:
“LinkedIn combines the ‘linkiness’ of Facebook with the ‘jobiness’ of”
“Let me tell you about my 12 DVD Employability Maximizing Seminar that will give your resume the Resu-Momentum to out-jobify the competition.”
What do you think? What is the value of LinkedIn for you?

Share your success (or lack thereof) with us in the comments below.

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