Social Networking: How to Tweet and Get Noticed (In a Good Way)

4 Think Twitter is just a silly fad?

Think again.

Twitter has become quite a powerful tool for business. 

If you doubt it, just ask Dell who claims to have made $3 million in revenue since 2007 directly from Twitter.  Or Pepsi — they opted OUT of their usual Superbowl ad in favor of using social media sites like Twitter for their marketing instead.

One of the great "thrills" of using Twitter is being "ReTweeted."  If you are one of the smart companies using Twitter for business, then you are probably already familiar with the concept of the "ReTweet."  But, just to clarify –  once you post a "Tweet", then other Twitter users can pass along your Tweet (post) by "ReTweeting" it to other people.  It works like forwarding an email to share something funny, useful or interesting to members of your network.

Having your message, post or company services "ReTweeted" is a great marketing boost.  It has the potential of becoming a viral marketing message that is spread to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people through the Twitter network.

So is it just luck that determines whether you get "ReTweeted?"


It's actually scientific.

Dan Zarella — author of The Social Media Marketing Book — has studied and researched the phenomenon of "ReTweeting" and has produced a 22 page report called "The Science of ReTweets."

The report analyzes millions of Tweets and ReTweets — and shows which days of the week, what times of day, which words and even which punctuation has the likelihood of being "ReTweeted."

It was interesting to note that Mondays and Fridays between 3pm and midnight are the most "ReTweetable" days/times of the week.  And, the following words are the most "ReTweetable":

1. you
2. twitter
3. please
4. retweet
5. post
6. blog
7. social
8. free
9. media
10. help
11. please retweet
12. great
13. social media
14. 10
15. follow
16. how to
17. top
18. blog post
19. check out
20. new blog post

There's a lot of useful, detailed information in this report — I highly recommend that you review it and put some of the concepts to the test in your own use of Twitter. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and results — click on "Comment" below this post to share.

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  1. Nice post, Cathy. It’s too bad some folks get distracted by the noise on Twitter and cannot see the clear signals you and many others (e.g. Dell and Pepsi) can see.
    There are both an art and a science to using Twitter for business. And applied with care it works well. Unfortunately some see only fingerpainting and playing. But they’ll catch on as more big stories of clear evidence emerge and as observers such as yourself point out what’s going on.
    Again, good work. Thanks!