Social Networking: Help People (and Google) Find You on Linkedin

Linkedin Social networking sites like LinkedIn are great for increasing your ability to be found by your potential customers and clients.

But, are you the best kept secret on LinkedIn? 

If so, let's change that!

There are simple ways to optimize your Linkedin profile to make it easier for people searching for you and your products and services to find you.  And, no, you don't have to be a computer or technical genius to do it!

Thanks to Mike Volpe at HubSpot for creating this short, easy-to-follow video that shows you exactly how to make the most of 2 search-engine-friendly-features of LinkedIn profiles.

Don't pass up this simple way to increase your Google rankings and traffic to your LinkedIn profile.  In five minutes you can watch the video and update your profile. 

Isn't better marketing of your products and services and increased traffic worth 5 minutes of your time?

Do you have other tips for making your LinkedIn profile a magnet for your potential customers or clients?  Share with us by leaving your comment below this post. 


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