Do This and You’re 40 Times More Likely to Receive Opportunities Through LinkedIn

100% complete LinkedIn Profile

100% complete LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 1 in 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn?

Are you one of them?

If so, then here’s a tip you don’t want to miss:

“LinkedIn users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn”.

Wow!  That’s a HUGE increase in business opportunities!

The reason for this is that complete profiles tend to show up higher not only in searches on LinkedIn, but also on Google.  A more complete profile will help you to be more visible and more easily found.

So, what do you have to do to have a “complete” LinkedIn profile?

It’s actually quite simple and LinkedIn even gives you a visual representation of your profile strength on your profile. (which is only visible to you)

Profile Strength Indicator

Profile Strength Indicator







There are 5 different levels of profile completion:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Expert
  5. All Star = 100% Complete (even though there’s a little white space at the top – which LinkedIn says “there’s always room for improvement”)

In order to move from Beginner all the way to All Star (aka, 100% Complete Profile), you need to complete the following elements in your profile:

  • Your Industry and Location
  • An up-to-date Current Position (with a description)
  • Two Past Positions
  • Your Education
  • Your Skills (minimum of 3)
  • A Profile Photo
  • At least 50 Connections

The key to an effective profile, of course, is not just to slap any old information into these profile sections and call it a day.  You’ll want to optimize each section and then have a strategy for connecting and staying top of mind with your connections.  That’s where the real value of LinkedIn is and where you’ll get the most return on your investment from the site.

So, How’s Your LinkedIn Presence Representing YOU Online?

Do you have a “barely there” LinkedIn profile which is more or less languishing online — not much activity other than the occasional connection request or skills endorsement?

Or, perhaps you already feel you have a pretty good profile and you’re looking for some strategies beyond simply adding names to your contact list or posting to the void?

The 30-Day LinkedIn Success Challenge is here to help!

30 Day LinkedIn Success Challenge

30 Day LinkedIn Success Challenge

During the month of September, I’ll be running The 30 Day LinkedIn Success Challenge so that you can create the type of LinkedIn Profile and Presence that actually ATTRACTS opportunities to you!

This is YOUR time to showcase who you are, what your business can do for others and for you to STANDOUT online!

The Challenge Will Run September 1 – 30, 2015 and each day you’ll receive a specific action or task to complete that will build and enhance your LinkedIn Presence.  I’ve built in a few bonus and rest days along the way – so no worries about being overwhelmed or unable to keep up.  YOU set your schedule for completing your action items as it makes the most sense for you!

I’m keeping things simple, so the LinkedIn actions and tasks will require a minimal amount of your time each day.  You’ll receive all the information and support you’ll need to complete each action/task and you’ll also have access to a private LinkedIn group where you can ask questions, get feedback and even have the chance to win a few prizes along the way!

Register Today And Get a Jumpstart With The LinkedIn Challenge Quick Start Kit — Which Includes Access To The Private LinkedIn Group, Quick Start Guide To LinkedIn Success And Everything You Need To Hit the Ground Running!

Let’s Do This Together!

Click here to register for the 30 Day LinkedIn Success Challenge!

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  1. Great information. I’ll go back to my profile and imement these tips. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for all your great insights! Very helpful!

  3. I have seen blog challenges, exercise & health challenges & others but never a LinkedIn challenge. I think it is a great idea. Will pm you my hesitation for jumping right in.

    • Roslyn — there is a challenge for everything under the sun!

      I personally love the structure of a 30 day challenge — some DIY work, a support group when you need/want it and focused time working on a priority project!

      Looking forward to your message!

  4. Amazingly, my profile is at the Expert level even though I barely use LinkedIn. I recently cleaned it up because before I started my current business, I was job hunting, so the profile looked like a resume. I took off the irrelevant things. Your Challenge sounds great for those who rely on LinkedIn!

    • Carol — many folks turn to LinkedIn when they are job hunting, but then forget about it when it comes to marketing their business. Even if you never fully utilize all the great features of LinkedIn — like building a strategic network, staying top of mind with prospects and clients and getting referrals — it’s still excellent for visibility online and Google loves it!

  5. Love the idea of the LInkedIn challenge spread out over a month, because we both know that getting your profile to All-Star level is a massive undertaking that will take plenty of time and much thought. One thing I’m sure you’ll cover in your great program is the importance of keywords and how you can solve people’s pain points. Please let us know how it goes.

    • I participate in challenges all the time, Jackie and love the format, so I thought it would be fun to run one!

      You are right — keywords are VERY important and we will be covering these during the challenge.

      As for the “massive undertaking” — I’ve designed this challenge so it is structured in small steps forward instead of the “huge project” that we tend to make it out to be. Small steps every day for a month will yield BIG results!

  6. What a great challenge! I’m afraid my profile fits in the “barely there” category. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for my niche (finance) so I’m not sure why I have ignored it for so long. Looking forward to participating in the challenge.

  7. I haven’t heard about challenge likek this on LinkedIn, either.

    Brilliant! I can’t wait to hear about your progress. Best wishes!

  8. Wow, this is great Cathy.. funny thing, I was just working on a LI presentation for a ten minute spotlight at a local Chamber event for tomorrow and ran across a lot of stats.. people see the value… they just don’t do it.. you know what cool stat stuck out to me…41% of millionaires use LI! WOW!

  9. I’m excited to start the challenge, Cathy!! LinkedIn is a weak spot for me…I admit that I haven’t focused on it really at all, as I’ve been fearful that if I “work my business” more through my LinkedIn, or attempt to “shine” too much, that coworkers/mgmt at my day job will notice it and that I’ll be under the microscope…But then again…Maybe that would make me push even harder toward my Quit Goal 😉 So, here we go!! Let’s rock this!

    • So happy to have you on board, Natalie! LinkedIn is a GREAT resource that can truly showcase your business and your unique skill set. Looking forward to your contributions to the group!


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