Business Referral Marketing: How to Identify Potential Referral Sources

"A good Referral Marketing Strategy doesn’t just happen, it takes work." That's according to business expert and "Growth Coach", Glenn Smith. What kind of work does it take?  Well, Smith says, ". . . you must build a strong network of potential referral sources." Identifying potential referral sources begins by taking a look at the…

Business Referrals: Step Into The Shoes of Your Referral Sources

Everyone loves a good, quality referral, don't we?  So, how can we ensure that we receive them? Business Networking Strategist, Andy Lopata, gives us this advice:  "Step into the shoes of your referrer." In a video on Your Business Channel, Lopata explains a common referral situation and how to improve it:

Business Networking: Getting Real Gets Results

Some emails should just come with a warning label:  "This correspondence contains a blatant attempt to get you to do something for me, even though you haven't so much as seen or heard from me in years." Know what I'm talking about?  Yeah, thought you might.

Business Referrals: Read It and Refer

Whether you get your news the "traditional way" from a print newspaper, or if you prefer to go to an online news source, it doesn't really matter.  However, the way you READ the paper absolutely does make a difference. Dr. Ivan Misner, the "founder of modern-day networking" says that we should be reading the paper…