Business Networking: Happy National Fresh Breath Day!

You are at a business networking event.  You spot someone you've wanted to meet and you walk over to them.  You extend your hand and open your mouth to introduce yourself and . . . Yuk!  You have bad breath! Or, how about this one:  You are talking with someone at a business networking event…

Business Networking: Do You Have A Strategy?

There are a lot of books, blogs and business seminars about business networking.  Many of them have great tips and techniques for making networking an effective marketing tool.  However, all the tips and tools in the world won't help you if you don't first put together a networking strategy. Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking: …

Business Networking: Don’t Hide From Your Potential Clients and Customers!

As business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, we often spend much of our time and money trying to attract clients and customers.  The trouble is, we are often using the wrong approach.

Business Networking: Having a System Leads to Success

Jay Leno had a very interesting guest one night on the Tonight Show:  a Jack Russell terrier.  But this was no ordinary dog.  This particular dog — who was quite small — was able to pop 50 balloons in 30 seconds.  You can see this amazing (and silly) feat here.