Social Media: 30 Ways for Small Businesses to Use Social Media

This one is for the "socially curious" (thank you, Inc. for that term) — those of you who are small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals who feel that they are too busy to get involved with social media, but can't help feeling like you are "missing out" on some great opportunities. Does that describe…

Social Networking: What Are You “LinkedIn” For?

LinkedIn has been touted as a great place to find job openings. Is this really the case? Or, is LinkedIn just a “desert of joblessness” where the unemployed go to commiserate?

Social Networking: Discos, Dinner Parties and Doing Business

Social Media fascinates me.  I know just enough to get around (and occasionally get into trouble), but all the technology and tools intrigue me.  I learn about something new every day through Twitter, Mashable or some other social media outlet. However, not everyone shares my fascination.  Sometimes, people are just plain dazed and confused by…

Social Networking: Social Media Workout Plan

Are you constantly checking your Twitter updates, logging onto Facebook or sharing photos and videos?  Hmmm . . . then you may need this Social Media Workout Plan by Patrick Moberg.