Business Networking: Pain-Free Networking Tips For the Painfully Shy

You describe yourself as shy. Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans also describe themselves as shy? And yet, we all know that networking is good for our business and our personal life. What's a shy person to do?

Business Networking: The Rolodex Dip

Business processes and systems are good to have, but sometimes they can become monotonous or boring.  The same can be true when it comes to business networking. So, how can we make our networking a bit more fun?

Business Networking: You Can Never Be Too Shy to Network Effectively

Too shy to network?  You may be surprised to hear this, but networking is NOT reserved only for the outgoing and the brave.  Sure, someone who is a natural extrovert may be more comfortable talking or in a crowd of people, but networking all comes down to skill and strategy, not personality type.  It is…