Referrals: Review of Happy Grasshopper Email Marketing


I’m always on the lookout for cool tools that can help make relationship building fun and effective.   During my Web travels one day, I came across Happy Grasshopper. The name and the cheerful,  site caught my eye, so I decided to check it out.  Hey, I’m all about being friendly!

It’s Summertime . . . and the Connecting is Easy!


Ahh, summer.  What’s not to love?  Beach vacations, lightning bugs, hot dogs and business networking.  Perfect together, right? Oh, wait.  How did business networking get into my reverie of summer? No, I don’t recommend taking your business colleagues on your vacation to the shore — nor do I hope they start serving hot dogs at…

Ask the Networking Expert: Can I Send My Newsletter to New Contacts I Meet at Networking Events?

Can I Send My Newsletter to New Contacts I Meet at Networking Events?

Question:  You’ve just attended a networking event and now hold in your hand a bunch of business cards.  Is it okay for you to simply add them to your mailing list or subscribe them to your newsletter? Answer:  Only with express PERMISSION from your contact. This is one of my all time worst, “want-to-throw-a-tantrum-whenever-it-happens” personal…

Business Networking: Adopt a Holiday

Cards, cards everywhere!  'Tis the season for holiday cards!   Getting a real, live card in the mail is a wonderful thing, right?   I mean, who doesn't love to open up a funny or thoughtful card from a friend, family member or business associate? But, when you get a bunch of them all at the same…