Business Networking Events: How to Bring Value to Your Referral Relationships

Adding Value to Referral RelationshipsWant to increase the number of referrals you receive from your network?   Well, here’s the key:  It’s all about bringing value to the members of your network BEFORE expecting to receive referrals.

This may seem like common sense, but we often forget to give before we want to receive.  I often hear people say that they are quitting a networking group or not spending time with particular people in their network because they don’t get any referrals from those groups or individuals.

Instead of putting the focus on what others can do for you, turn it around and ask, “How can I help the members of my network?”

Here’s a quick and easy strategy for giving value to your network from Michelle Donovan, The Referability Expert:

Become a “Catalytic Connector.”

How do I become a “Catalytic Connector”, you ask?

The next time you attend a business networking event, take along a referral partner, client or other contact from your network.  Your focus will be on helping them make new contacts, so introduce them to people who can potentially become their clients, partners or who are simply “good to know.”  They’ll appreciate your help and you’ll be remembered as the “Connector.”

My own experience has taught me that this is a really powerful strategy — one that not only benefits both parties, but makes you feel good as well.  A win-win.

So, who can you invite to your next networking event?

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