Business Referrals: Is Your Focus on Getting Instead of Giving?

Is your focus giving?When you attend a business referral group such as BNI, LeTip or Leads, do you walk in with your hands outstretched and palms up expecting to “get” referrals from other members of the group?

Of course you do!

No one joins a referral group just for the sheer pleasure of being able to give business opportunities to others without ever receiving anything in return.

Referral groups abound in cities across the world.  They are often exclusive groups which sometimes cost hundreds of dollars to join and require weekly commitments of 2 hours or more.

Some folks find that these types of groups provide them with enough referrals to warrant the time, money and effort they spend on that particular group’s activities.  Others complain that they never receive any “good referrals” and often quit in frustration.

Although a lot of the success of any particular group is dependent upon the leadership of that group, I believe the key is actually the overall mindset of the members.  If the main focus of each member is only getting referrals, then the group will often fall apart.  There needs to be an attitude of giving in order to create the opportunities for “getting.”

Each member needs to look at the group as a rich resource — full of experts and trusted providers of services and products that could potentially benefit the people that they already know.  This resource can be easily shared with their contacts simply by initiating a referral to the source of the product or service that would be beneficial to the person they know.

The members of a successful referral group understand that they cannot expect to “get” without “giving” and so they try to look for every opportunity to “give” referrals to their group.  This doesn’t mean just mindlessly giving names and numbers to other referral group members.  Instead, it means that they thoughtfully consider the needs and wants of the people in their network of friends, family and business associates and if there is a member in their referral group who could provide a solution for them.

With a slight change in mindset, many referral groups and their members would see a huge shift in how their group operates and the ultimate success of each member.

What referrals can you GIVE today?  What members of your current network have a need or want that you could fill with a referral to a trusted contact?


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