Business Cards: Hollywood Style Business Card Etiquette

HollywoodbusinesscardThe networking blunders we make concerning business cards could fill a book — several books.  In fact, some business card bravado has even been part of a movie — American Psycho.  Check out this clip of "one-upmanship" that I ran across in a great post today on business card etiquette from Just A Guy Thing. 

Now that you've had a good laugh, take a look at the content of the post.  Not only does it have some good advice concerning the giving and receiving of business cards, but also the importance of the design and content of the card for maximum marketing effectiveness.

One of my favorite tips from this post is "Give people a reason to keep hold of your business card."  The author states:

". . . Giving prospects a reason to keep hold of your card could be the difference between them hiring you and them hiring someone else through the Yellow Pages.  You can do this in a variety of ways by printing something unique on the back of the card.  Things such as a calendar, a list of your services, important measurements or anything relevant to your industry.

You could also add a referral coupon on the back, giving them a discount if they bring the card to an appointment.  Catchy slogans can work well, as can simple, to-the-point calls to action that show a direct benefit to the prospect:  'all major credit cards accepted', for example."

What could you put on your card that will make people keep it — and use it?  Let me know by posting a comment below.


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