Business Networking: What is a “Go-Giver” and Why You Should Care

Go-giver We've all heard of "go-getters"— those folks that really give 110%, who work long and hard and who always go the extra mile.  We admire them, we aspire to be like them.  (Heck, we may even be one of them!)  Why?  Because they are the most successful people in business and in life, right?

Not so, says author Bob Burg in his new book The Go-Giver:  A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea.   In a recent interview with Marshall Goldsmith of, Burg describes why being a "go-giver" can make you even more successful than being a "go-getter."

"Being a go-giver means you add value to others in a way that helps them significantly while at the same time increases your own sense of joy and improves your bottom line, both in your business and your personal life.

There are actually several very practical reasons why go-givers are the most successful people. One is that being "other-focused" instead of "me-focused" makes other people feel good about you and makes them recognize the value you bring to their lives. When that happens, they're much more excited about adding value to your life, just as you have for them. Everyone wins.

Another reason is that in a free enterprise-based society, where no one is forced to buy from you, the only way someone is going to pay for your product or service is if they find value in it [beyond the price]. Those who give lots of value get the most back."

So, is Burg saying that it's all about "being nice?"  Nope.  In his words,

"It takes more than simply being nice. Many simply nice people are simply broke people as well. Success as a go-giver is also a matter of doing the correct things in what we call "the success process" that allows one to be successful and 'finish first'."

I had the chance to read Burg's latest work earlier this month.  Although I'm not a big fan of the often overly simplistic and Polyanna tone of the parable format, I really love the basic premises.  More than that, though, I feel that Burg not only supports his ideas with examples and illustrations, but he also inspires the reader to take a new and more "giving" approach to doing business.

Wouldn't it be great to do business with people who really understand what it means to be a "go-giver?"  You can make that a reality by reading this book and putting the principles into practice in your own life.

Got a success story about being a "go-giver?"  Drop us a note here in the comments section or email me your thoughts.  Thanks!

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