Business Networking Books: 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery

31_Days_Networking_Event_MasteryI'm always on the lookout for new resources about business networking — I like to continually be learning about my chosen area of expertise, but I also like to be able to recommend good ones whenever I find them.

One of the most common complaints I hear from business professionals about why they don't network is "I'm just too busy!" 

Well, I'm glad that business is booming!  And — let's keep it that way by learning some effective strategies for making the most of the networking you DO have time for.

If you need a quick read with easy to implement ideas for how to make your networking event attendance yield better results, then pick up a copy of Bruce Brown's book "31 Days to Networking Event Mastery:  Grow Your Business In Just One Month"

Brown describes himself as "a serial entrepreneur with a chronic networking condition."  (Love it!)

He also happens to be a speaker, coach, and author of the Being Bruce Brown Blog. (say that 10 times fast)

There are 31 great tips and strategies in the book and the book is only 40 pages long — perfect for all you "busy" folks out there.

One of my favorite quotes from the book, though, comes from his discussion of the necessity of IMPLEMENTING the networking strategies in the book:

". . . maybe you could pick up some tips about horseback riding without ever getting on a horse, and possibly you could even sound like you knew about riding, but until you actually get on a horse, you have no real clue.  It's the same with networking events."

Take a few minutes to check it out — and then, as Bruce suggests ". . . Go to networking events.  Implement the steps.  Repeat.  You'll get better."

***Note:  I am NOT an affiliate of Bruce Brown nor do I receive any monetary compensation for recommending his book.  It is simply a good resource for anyone who wants to improve their networking skills.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words, Cathy. Networking isn’t tough at all and can be a lot of fun. Some see the fun and don’t realize the value of the relationships that are being built, which is too bad. Stephen MR Covey speaks of “relationship collateral” as a business asset and clearly one of the best ways to be exposed to others with similar objectives is live networking events.